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Why Do I Need a Tutor? - I Used to Be Good at Math!

Many parents become incredibly frustrated when they cannot help their own children with math. There are a number of reasons for this. First, although you used to be really good at math, for some strange reason, you seem to not skate through it like you used to. Think of math as a foreign language; if you do not use it, you slowly begin to forget it. Please do not beat yourself up over this! For example, my wife who is an incredibly accomplished and well-respected cardiologist (Connecticut Magazine - "Top Doc List" - eight years in a row!), was an undergraduate Mathematics Major. She looks at this material today and honestly admits that she cannot remember the vast majority of it.

The second reason is personal parental pride. You say to yourself; "How can my Skippy not get this stuff? It came so easy to me! And he is my child, my flesh and blood, my offspring, my legacy." You cannot take this personally. Your child is not you. And although, if you were good at math, it increases the chance of your child being good at math, this outcome is not set in stone. Your child is their own individual person, with their own skill set and their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

The third reason is usually a by-product of reason number two; "Why won't Skippy listen to me when I try to explain the material!?" This phenomenon is simply due to the fact that you are the parent. Children tend to have less patience for their parents than any other adults, and parents tend to have less patience with their own children than any other children. This lack of patience on your part stems from your frustration explained in reason number two. For what it is worth, the most difficult students that I have tutored are my own children. There have been times when my children have had very little patience with me and will seek separation from me even when seemingly unprovoked. As a matter of fact, they had both "un-friended" me on Facebook!

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