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Hello there and welcome to my Website!

I could fill this space with a string of lofty stereotypical goals which I plan to achieve with you or your child, my unique approach to instruction, my educational philosophies or how I will lead you or your child to the academic Promised Land, but instead, I would rather share with you what the parent of one of my students wrote to me:

Hi Stuart,

I hope this finds you and Im wondering if you have time in your schedule to make a standard tutoring time for Matthew through the end of the school year.  Im sorry not to have been a more consistent client.   Matt really wants to try hard to do this on his own but he has really hit a rough patch and I think you were terrific with him before.  Its my belief that hes not lacking the ability, what hes lacking is a good, dedicated teacher of this subject so Id love to break through the frustration and give him the proper instruction that he needs.

Please let me know if you have any availability.  We can start as soon as you can.

Thanks so much,



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